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John Leon Lewis

Communicating a life-changing message of JOY through musical excellence

Coming Soon...New Album called GRACE and New DVD from Live Concert

On May 11th and 12th this year, I flew to Nashville and recorded my 12th Album. What a great but tough experience. The Producer on my Album has worked with Artist like Larnelle Harris, Wintley Phipps and many others. He had me sing each song several times in order to get the best that my voice could give. I left Nashville happy that I had poured my blood, sweat and tears into this recording project. Prepare yourself to be swept away.

15 songs arranged, orchestrated and conducted by David T. Clydesdale. The arrangements are outstanding and they were written in my style and for voice. On top of all that, we used The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra to record the music on this Album. That alone is worth hearing. I'm blown away by the sound of that Orchestra adds to this Album

The New Album and New LIVE Recording DVD will be released on July 4, 2018.

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