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John Leon Lewis

Communicating a life-changing message of JOY through musical excellence

Three TRIBUTES to John Leon Lewis - Celebrating 50 Years as a Minister of Music

Pastor Gayle Montgomery gives a tribute to John Leon Lewis at his 50th Anniversary Concert. Celebrating 50 years as a Minister of Music.

Janet LeClair from The Ivey Wellness Memory Wellness Day Center shares her tribute at John's Anniversary Celebration. John entertains at The Ivey 3 days a week.
Jasper Hall of Pure Hope Ministry shares his tribute about John's impact on his personal music ministry over a decade of being under John's musical leadership.

Behind the scenes Producer, Brian Felton, of my lastest Album - GRACE. The NEW Album is set to be released on JULY 4th!

The Producer for my latest Album is Brian Felton. He is currently the minister of music at Grace Community Church in Hudsonville, Michigan, but in his former life he was the music producer for Radio Bible Class and the television program Day of Discovery  (Our Daily Bread Ministries) and Director of the Discovery Singers.  He founded Discovery House Music and worked with several artists including producing all of Damaris Carbaugh’s projects (former lead singer for the Brooklyn Tab), all CD’s for Wintley Phipps including the Favorite Hymns of Billy Graham, and have worked with Larnelle Harris, Matthew Ward, Scott Krippayne, Bob Carlisle, even Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. to name a few.  Now add John Leon Lewis to his list. Brian has produced over 200 records.

Here's what Brian had to say about my new recording - GRACE:

Brian Felten.jpeg

"A few months ago, I received a call from an arranger friend of mine, David T. Clydesdale, asking if I would be willing to work with him on a recording project. Little did I know what a blessing would come from saying “yes” to that request.  At the time, there was no mention of the artist or nature of the project, just that we would be recording the orchestra overseas using The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.  As the details unfolded, I was introduced via email to the artist, John Leon Lewis.  That started an amazing journey that is nearing its completion! What started out as an opportunity to produce an orchestra turned into the privilege of overseeing the recording process through the final mix.  And along the way, I finally was able to meet John and get to know him, his heart, and his passion for the Lord.  It has been an amazing experience and I pray that you will be able to capture the love, hope, and joy in Jesus as you listen to this wonderful collection of carefully selected songs. It is in John’s DNA, it is his ethos, it comes through with every encounter with him and flows through every note! May God draw you to Himself and ignite in you the same passion and affections for Him as you listen to the John Leon Lewis GRACE recording!"

Brian Felten

Thanks Brian for your hard work in putting all the pieces together to make a "masterpiece for His GLORY". John

Coming Soon...New Album called GRACE and New DVD from Live Concert

On May 11th and 12th this year, I flew to Nashville and recorded my 12th Album. What a great but tough experience. The Producer on my Album has worked with Artist like Larnelle Harris, Wintley Phipps and many others. He had me sing each song several times in order to get the best that my voice could give. I left Nashville happy that I had poured my blood, sweat and tears into this recording project. Prepare yourself to be swept away.

15 songs arranged, orchestrated and conducted by David T. Clydesdale. The arrangements are outstanding and they were written in my style and for voice. On top of all that, we used The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra to record the music on this Album. That alone is worth hearing. I'm blown away by the sound of that Orchestra adds to this Album

The New Album and New LIVE Recording DVD will be released on July 4, 2018.

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